Sayoko Oho

Oho was born on December 28, 1987, in Tokyo.
She gained fame in her debut commercial, Suntory “Wa-cha”, which was broadcasted from March, 2003.
She made her film debut in “All About My Dog”, and she showed a greater presence in the film,“Shining Boy & Little Randy” which was screened in 2005.

“All About My Dog” (2005/Directed by Isshin Inudo)
“Shining Boy & Little Randy” (2005/Directed by Shunsaku Kawake)
“The Summer of Stickleback” (2006/Directed by Mayu Nakamura)
“Oreha, kiminotamenikososhininiiku” (2007/Directed by Taku Shinjo)
“MAYU Kokoronohoshi” (2007/Directed by Masako Matsuura)
“Ode to Joy” (2008/Joji Matsuoka)