Film Festival


Title Country Date Category/Awards
The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival
Japan October/23/2010 – October/31/2010 Competition for
“Japanese Eyes”
The 14th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Estonia November/24/2010 – December/5/2010 Competition
The 34th Goteborg International Film Festival
Sweden January/28/2011 – February/7/2011 Official Selection
OSAKA Asian Film Festival 2011
Japan March/5/2011 – March/13/2011 Special Screening
The 13th Deauville Asian Film Festival
France March/9/2011 – March/13/2011 Competition
Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2011
America April/8/2011 – April/10,16,17/2011 Official Selection
East End Film Festival 2011
UK April/27/2011 – May/2/2011 Category:World
apan Filmfest Hamburg
Germany May/25/2011 – May/29/2011 Official Selection
The 14th Shanghai International Film Festival
China June/11/2011 – June/19/2011 Asian New Talent Award
SPECIAL Jury Award
Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2011
Singapore July/2/2011 – July/7/2011 Official Selection
Japanese Currents
Philadelphia Danger After Dark Film Festival 2011
America July/7/2011 – July/17/2011 Danger After Dark
America July/7/2011 – July/22/2011 Official Selection
Ventura Film Festival 2011
America July/8/2011 – July/18/2011 Competition
Fantasia International Film Festival
Canada July/14/2011 – August/7/2011 The First Feature Film Competition
The 4th First Film Festival 2011
China Oct/27/2011 – Nov/8/2011 Official Selection
The 10th Pune International Film Festival 2012
India Jan/12/2012 – Jan/19/2012 Global Cinema
Nashville Film Festival
America April/19/2012 – April/26/2012 Narrative Competition
The 7th Cyprus International Film Festival
Cyprus Oct/6/2012 – Oct/22/2012 Official Selection